The ClockWorker

Clockworker revolves around the flow of time and how much we can control it. Through the game you can see the protagonist through different ages and different ways of facing adversity.

Game developed for MiniJam-23 the theme was Time and limitations were 4 colors only.

Keyboard Controls

  • A/D or ArrowKeys to move.
  • Space bar to jump.
  • F12 for return to the spawn point (only in case of bug).
  • E for actionate doors or lever

Controller Controls (xbox)

  • Left Joystick to move.
  • A to jump
  • B for actionate doors or lever


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Development log


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Enhorabuena por el juego. Es precioso y muy bien trabajado.

Gracias jocker ^^

I wrote an article about your game if you wish to read it.

Sorry it's late.

Mate, the web is offline

Oh lol sorry , the website was undergoing an update at the time , you can visit it again now


Watch Mini Jam 23 + BOYG from Tiger_J on

Thaks for streaming it Tiger :)


Best platform/puzzle game I have ever played , this is by far the best game I have ever played. The art is unique and incredible , the concept it amazing! Idk why this game isn't on trending!

really thank you, it's our first game and it's really emotional to read this :)

Game has so much potential, fixing the jumping bug will make a huge improvement

Jump is now fixed, thanks for play it and comment

jhe jumping bug makes it unplayable for me , shame

i'm so sorry, tomorrow will be updated with that bug solved..


Got to finish it and record. Lovely visuals, jumping is tricky sometimes though. :)


thank you for share it. We lament the jump bug, but we have enough time... we will solve it !! 

Guys, I loved this game! Really cool graphics and the gameplay was so fun ! Keep it up! 

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Hey, if you get the time, could you play the game that I made for the Brackeys Game Jam. Here is the link:

Cool game too! but i like the previous one more haha!

The previous one? Thanks! Care to leave a comment on mine?

Wow amazing work!

Thank you Tom, it's our first game :)